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I started kissing and running my tongue softly around her neck to her lips. Kissing her deeply I caressed her big natural breasts with my hands. Vanessa turned around to face me so she could have her arms around me. As we were kissing Vanessa started moving light feathery kisses down my chest. She started massaging my white dick with her soft hands. I then moved my mouth down to her hardening nipples licking and sucking on them so softly. The steam from our passion and that of the hot water was filling the shower and filling the room. As we were getting out of the shower I started to dry her beautiful body off starting with her beautiful tits, with a towel when I was done she reached for my towel and returned the favor.

As we walked into the bedroom I could see the steam rising from her beautiful body. She lay smiling on the bed I whispered ever so softly "I love you." I changed the CD and lay next to her and began passionately kissing and caressing her big naturals.

I lay down next to her admiring her body whispering to her all the while. I ran one hand threw her long soft hair while my other was gently massaging her clit. I started moving my kisses down to her boobs, taking her nipple into my mouth, rolling my tongue round and round them. I moved my face down to her stomach kissing her softly then I moved my kisses down to her ebony garden. I started to slide my tongue all around her lips, teasing her with my tongue. I had my left hand around her leg and resting on top of her leg. I started to massage her clit with my thumb as I spread her lips with my other hand.

As I pulled her lips apart I drove my tongue deep into her love hole. My tongue was moving all around inside her hot wet pussy. She started to moan softly "oh.. ummmm. oh.. yes.. oh... Honey.. yes.. oh it feels so good". I almost got her close to orgasm because her ass began bucking and her back was arching up off the bed. As soon as I thought she was close I would stop. I did this a few times. Vanessa would tell me over and over "oh baby... please don't stop.. Oh please." But I would stop over and over.

Vanessa started to beg me to put my cock between her big tits. So I lifted her legs up over my head and proceeded to slide my cock deep between her big natural breasts. Short slow deliberate strokes were driving her wild. I would slip my cock upto her lips, only to tease her all the more. I could tell her desire was high. Vanessa was breathing really hard like she was out of breath. She suddenly grabbed me with both of her hands begging me to put it deep inside her pussy.

So I pulled out from her boobs and teased her more. I rubbed the head of my cock against her clit then I slipped it inside her, but this time all of my cock was inside her. We were moving together at a medium pace, I had both of my hands down on the bed beside her, pushing my cock in and out driving the pace faster. Vanessa started to moan more. She kept begging me to go faster. So I did. Then I bent my back straight up. With my cock still inside her I started to push it in and out slowly as my finger was massaging her clit.

Her whole body started to shake I knew it was driving her insane. I then rested my arms on the backboard of the bed. I started back pushing my white deep into her. Vanessa started begging me to go faster. Her moans started turning into screams of passion "oh Shit... Oh shit!!!! oh Honey.. I'm almost there baby." My pace was so fast and hard I could hear my balls slapping hard against her body. I was using the backboard of the bed as a support to push hard and fast into my ebony lover. Both of us were naturally dripping with sweat we were in the throes of passion.

The muscles in my arms and all over my body started tensing up I could feel the burn of them. I started to feel Varsha's grip tighten around my cock that was my sign that she was seconds away from cumming. So I pulled my cock out of her. She started moaning, "oh my GOD I'm there. I'm there!!!!!!" I could feel my balls start to tighten. I was minutes away from cumming myself so I grabbed her juicy natural boobs stuck my cock in between them and blew all over her face.SHE LOVED IT!! and drank as much of it as she could.

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